The Team

Our well trained team of highly dedicated individuals is made up of some very professional employees who have actually been with us since we opened. It is thanks to this team that our guests are captivated by the level of friendly service they receive in all facets of the lodge. Zambia’s rich culture is in evidence and it soon becomes apparent that the underlying quality is politeness and friendliness.  We thought it might be of interest to meet some of the key members of this team…..

Siankaba-TrywellTrywell Simulunda – Head Chef

Trywell Simulunda started working at Islands of Siankaba in 2005 and has worked his way up from a waiter to his current position as Head Chef. Trywell has trained under various professional chefs over the years and this training and a love for cooking has transformed our kitchen into a top class operation. Trywell’s enthusiasm for locally sourced ingredients extends to his own garden where he farms the lodge’s herbs, salad greens and vegetables. When Trywell is in the kitchen, nobody goes hungry!

Maybin Sitali – Head Waiter

Like many of our staff, Maybin was born locally and is of the Toka Leya tribe. Akin to Judas he joined the lodge before it opened and has been an integral part of the team ever since. His welcoming and humble demeanor is totally endearing and yet his professionalism is staggering. He loves showing guests the art of napkin folding and regularly holds impromptu lessons in the dining room.




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