Spa Treatments

Islands of Siankaba Spa Treatments

The treatments offered by Islands of Siankaba Spa have been created to bring true tranquility to the body, mind and soul. Treatments are done in the lodge poolside spa or in guest rooms – offering a healing place to relax in the middle of the Zambezi River surrounded by the natural music of the birds, water and the light scent of the trees.

A complimentary 5 minute foot or neck massage is offered to all guests during their stay at Islands of Siankaba to help them relax and unwind.

Below is a list of the treatments we offer:

  • Islands of Siankaba Signature Massage

Massages have long been a part of the Zambian culture, with the use of warm or cold cloths and leaves to help stretch and heal aching muscles. Our massage adapts its technique from this old massage used in many villages with the purpose of removing toxic energy and relaxing the body with “Sisterly touch” that nurtures the soul.

  • Siankaba Aromatherapy Massage

Our African soil has bared us with the indigenous Mongongo tree common to the Southern Africa region and baobab tree often referred to as the “upside -down” tree, where we extract our oils from. Baobab oil helps slow aging and improves skin tone and Mongongo oil is very hydrating and regenerates the skin. This is a light aromatherapy treatment with a massage pressure of your choice.

  •  Zambezi Hot Stone Massage

This massage uses the healing power of Mother Nature with heated stones retrieved from the Zambezi. The warmth and energy flowing from the stones connects the “strings of the mind and body as one”.  This holistic massage will help relieve the body from stress.

Massage treatment times (full body- 60 minutes, back and neck- 30 minutes and foot massage-30 minutes)

  • Zambian River Island Facial

Using Mother Nature ingredients such as Mongongo oil and Wild African Ginger, which is known for deeply nourishing the skin, this natural “back to basic” facial technique helps cleanse the many layers of your skin. A facial ritual using steamed towels and pure distilled Zambezi river water which will leave your skin glowing. This is followed by a gentle massage which helps improve blood and nutrient circulation.

  •  Pure Organic Zambian Facial

Pure and organic ingredients such as cucumber and aloe are used for this facial treatment which helps balance the ph of the skin by deep cleansing and nourishing the skin. This treatment allows your skin to “breathe” and prepares it for the seasonal weather.

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