We proudly believe that the very heart of the lodge is our kitchen and its staff who consistently produce unparalleled cuisine every day.

Using locally sourced fresh produce to create mouth-watering dishes is down to the commitment of our talented head chef Gerard Siboli . He joined the lodge prior to its opening in 2002 and has been developed by some top internationally trained guest chefs over the years. Due to his diligence and passion he has worked his way up from being a kitchen assistant to his recently acquired position of head chef. Gerard predominantly sources his herbs and vegetables from a small community garden market that the lodge initiated some years ago in the local community. Whilst producing quality produce, this market garden brings much needed revenue to the local area and indeed, the community elders proudly show this to guests as part of our village walk.

Our constantly evolving menus offer fresh and wholesome ingredients whilst introducing some curious elements; from Venison Carpaccio or Ostrich and Pistachio terrine through to Amarula ice cream you can be sure to have your taste buds tantalized at every meal.

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