During 1998 plans for Islands of Siankaba were born and after extremely diligent talks and input from the local community the islands were secured for development. It was apparent at the outset that the success of the lodge was dependant on a ‘partnership’ with the local community and that the community was tremendously keen for employment and development within the Siankaba area.

After exhaustive market research into traveler’s needs and current market trends, architect’s plans were drawn up. It was established from the beginning of the project that environmental awareness would be a key factor of the lodge. It was decided that a ‘non permanent’ feel to the camp would be important, therefore a combination of wood and canvas was decided upon for all the lodge structures.

In October 2000 work on the construction began and the company took on many of local people and trained them in many different fields of the construction industry. Work proceeded well, considering the challenges of building on remote islands and they opened the lodge doors for business on the 1st June 2002.They are extremely proud of the fact that the lodge has grown in international reputation whilst maintaining and expanding the promises to the local community.

Out of respect to the man who had the vision to encourage the lodge development, the lodge is named after the local headman of the area (Siankaba). His name in the Toka- Leya language means ‘witchfinder’ as apparently his ancestors were adept at spotting witches in their midst!

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